Score with SEO 9: Clean URL’s

Ebooks December 06, 2022
Clean urls

Do you want to get started with SEO but you don’t know where to start? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads more and better traffic to your leisure venue’s website. 

Basic SEO is important for Google to consider your website as relevant. If I search for “bowling venue near me” in your area, you want to be the trending website. 

When you want to have amazing SEO, your URL’s should be clean. This is just as important as all the other steps the improve your SEO.

  1. Keywords
  2. Meta titles and descriptions
  3. Content
  4. Page loading time
  5. Images
  6. Linking
  7. Broken links
  8. Mobile friendly
  9. Clean URL’s
  10. Improve low performing pages

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Create clean URL’s

While you can be creative in your title and meta description, your URLs should be clean, focused and should include the most important keywords and the topic of your content. This is for two reasons: 

Firstly, a logical URL structure is important for a great user experience. A great user experience is, you guessed it, an important factor when it comes to SEO. 

For example, if you’re searching for information about a venue to go bowling, a URL like will most likely make you click on the link. 

On the other hand, a URL like doesn’t explain what information to expect on the page and is therefore not user friendly. 

Secondly, URL structures tell Google what your pages are about and how they relate to the rest of your website. URLs are a ranking factor for Google. Optimized URLs make it easier for search bots to crawl and index your website. 

Here are tips to edit your URLs to be structured short, simple and relevant. 

Use HTTPS protocol for a secure website

This is the secure version of the HTTP protocol. It adds a secure layer between your website and the brower, so that even hackers can’t read the data. HTTPS makes your website trustworthy. Especially if your customers make purchases online, creating a sense of trust is crucial.

Hide the www prefix for a clean look

The www prefix is unnecessary since it’s obviously a website domain. You want to try to keep your URL short. A developer can help you hide the prefix.

Separate words with hyphens for readability

Do you find or clearer? Hyphens between the words make your URL look clear and reliable. 

Make sure your URL’s are clean to further improve the SEO of your leisure website.

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