The smart (phone) tourist: uncharted territory of the travel industry

Leisure industry July 24, 2019
Mobile data consumption has increased with 59% in 2018 compared to 2017. This makes ditigizing more and more important. Grow with Briq.

Increasingly, smartphones are being used where it was previously not or only partially possible. This trend is going strong for years, just think of web 2.0 or the number of apps that emerged in no time. But not everywhere they are as advanced digitally…

Mobile data usage is increasing

According to the travel industry, the use of the mobile phone is becoming increasingly important. Percentages show that consumers can be found online more and more. Mobile data consumption has increased by no less than 59% in 2018 compared to 2017. The latest data is not yet known, but it can be assumed that this increase will continue.

Smart (phone) tourist

Despite the fact that mobile data use is increasing, there is a sector that is lagging behind. Skift Research shows that the percentage of tourists that books mobile tours and activities lags behind every other sector. Now ‘only’ 35% of travellers book their activities mobile. One reason for this might be that travellers have to scour different apps to plan their entire day out or trip. At Briq Bookings we know that this can be easier.

Win-win for everyone

Despite the fact that the travel and leisure sectors are not yet developed that far, a lot can be gained at this very moment. A mobile revolution would bring a lot of convenience to the traveler. It would definitely mean more revenue for the travel and leisure industry. It is a win-win situation if you manage to crack the code: the consumer finds what he/she is looking for in leisure activities and tour, and activity providers are found.

That is why it is the perfect time to get online to maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors now. According to the leisure report by PWC, less than 30% of the activities are bookable online. We, at Briq Bookings know that this has to change. So entrepreneur, are you ready to grow with your guests?

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