Unit 13 chose Briq to continue its growth

In the spotlight April 25, 2022
Unit 13 joined Briq to continue its growth

One-of-a-kind leisure center Unit 13 knows exactly how to surprise its guests. This Dutch airsoft and laser gaming leisure center takes them on a great adventure, from the briefing to the end of the mission. Not a single experience is the same.

To easily and quickly sell their activities online and improve the booking flow, Unit 13 chose to work with Briq Bookings in September 2021. A client we’re very happy with.

Go on a mission at Unit 13

Action, excitement and adventure. That’s what you’re going to experience when you visit Unit 13. Whether you choose to play airsoft or laser game, you’ll be part of a mission that feels almost too realistic.

That’s because at Unit 13 everything serves the purpose of telling a story and taking people on a great adventure. From the atmosphere and the props to the music and quality controls on the laser guns – everything has to come together. This makes every experience unique and definitely something you should try!

Unit 13 wanted a unique booking experience to complement their unique gaming experience

Back in 2009, Unit 13 built a system themselves with a contact form and a simple calendar, V-Book, to be able to sell tickets online. Yet in 2020, they noticed the market was developing faster than they could keep up with and their program didn’t meet the updated security standards.

Unit 13 was looking for a partner that delivered unique booking experiences to all their guests that would do justice to their own unique gaming experience. In their journey, they found Briq Bookings and soon started working with Briq’s online booking system. A system that offers many more functionalities they didn’t have before.

“It’s great that Briq is constantly developing new features to answer the question: how can we make it as easy as possible to book great experiences? I feel that we found a great partner in Briq.” | Berry – Executive Managing Director at Unit 13

Since then, 80 to 95% of all bookings are made online. Almost no one calls Unit 13 anymore and Briq also takes care of scheduling. 

“We don’t have to do anything ourselves anymore which saves a lot of time. On top of that, we can now combine arrangements with Briq’s multi-activity scheduling. This way Briq has become part of the guest experience.”

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Book your next adventure at Unit 13

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