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Online growth December 12, 2021
Leisure email marketing tips for your business - Briq Bookings

Email marketing is a great tool to share information about your leisure center and stay in touch with your guests. If you send good and diverse emails, your number of bookings, average order value and retention rate will increase.

Apart from booking confirmations or payment confirmations that you probably already send out with your online booking system, there are many more types of emails you can send.

For example, are you already sending newsletters or deal promotions to engage your guests and increase your revenue?

You can send the following emails related to bookings, news and feedback to take the email marketing for your leisure venue to the next level.

  • Booking confirmation email – To confirm your guest’s booking and share their personal itinerary
  • Payment reminder – To remind your guest to pay the activity or deposit
  • Payment confirmation email – To confirm the guest has paid the deposit or full booking online
  • Upsell and cross-sell email – To ask your guest to buy something extra to complete the experience, such as an extra heat of go-karting or food and drinks after they’ve booked
  • Activity reminder – To remind your guest 24 hours before the activity starts
  • Thank you email – To thank your guest for their visit 24 hours after the activity has ended
  • Cancelation confirmation email – To confirm you’ve received and processed the cancelation of the booking

News, updates and promotions to attract more guests

  • Welcome email – As soon as someone has subscribed to your newsletter
  • Newsletter – To regularly update your guests about your venue with important, inspirational or helpful information
  • New activity promotion – To promote the new activity and get more bookings 
  • Special occasions – To inform your subscribers what you’ll be doing on a special day, such as Christmas, Halloween or when summer vacation starts
  • Discount coupons or promotions – To keep your guests engaged by sending them a discount coupon for their next visit or a special activity package
  • News and important information –  To share news about your venue – this could be inspirational information or just a simple tip – not specifically to convert more bookings, but to earn your guests’ trust
  • Anniversary email – To celebrate any kind of anniversaries you know about

Feedback requests about your leisure venue

  • Review request – To ask for reviews on Google, Facebook or another review platform to build trust
  • Survey request – To ask for feedback to improve your guests’ experience

With all these different emails, you send relevant informative, inspirational and commercial information to your guests. Discover how you can improve your leisure email marketing with email testing.

*Regulations for newsletter subscriptions*

For emails with a commercial purpose (e.g. newsletters and discount coupons) there are different regulations per country. Make sure you comply with your country’s regulations.

Example phrases for your leisure business emails

To help you get started with sending different emails to your email list, we’ve created several phrases you can copy paste to create great emails and grow your leisure email marketing.

Welcome email phrases for new subscribers

  1. Welcome to <add name venue>, we’re super happy to have you!
  2. Hurray! You signed up for our newsletter.
  3. Here’s your welcome gift for <add name activity>. We hope to see you soon!
  4. <add number> times a month we send you updates on <add name venue>, deals and more. Stay tuned!
  5. Thanks for joining <add name venue>! From now on you’re the first to know about the latest news and updates.

Briq tip – Add a special offer for an activity as a welcome gift (e.g. one heat of go-karting and drinks for a special price) and set expectations regarding how many emails a subscriber can expect from you.

New activity promotion phrases

  1. Combining <add name activity> with <add name activity>? Why not! We’ve created a special package for you. Come and visit us now.
  2. Save the date! On <add date> we are opening our <add name activity>. We hope we can welcome you and your fun friends there too. 
  3. We’re happy to introduce you to <add name activity>. Be the first to try it. 
  4. It’s time for <add name activity>. So… what are you waiting for? Book it now. 
  5. Have you already seen <add name activity>? Make sure you don’t miss out. 

Briq tip – Include a button that links to the booking page when subscribers click on it. 

Upsell and cross-sell email phrases

  1. You’re all set for your day out! Here’s how to make it even more awesome:
  2. We’re eager to welcome you at our venue. Here are some upgrades we think you’ll love:
  3. Ready for your day out at <add name venue>? Add before you go:
  4. Check out these deals to complete your experience:
  5. Are you just as excited about your day at <add name venue> as we are? We think you might like to add:
  6. Here’s what other guests enjoyed at our venue as well:

Briq tip – Use images for your upsells and cross-sells, to make it more attractive to book, and mention the pricing. Also, keep in mind to select the right upsells and cross-sells for your target group.

Cancelation email phrases

  1. Good news for you, sad news for us. This is the confirmation that we canceled your booking as you requested. Want to pick a new date? You know where to find us.
  2. You just canceled <add name activity> at <add name venue>. We’re sorry your booking didn’t work out. Here are some other packages you might love:
  3. You just canceled your booking with us. No hard feelings. Our doors are always open for you. We hope to see you again in the future.
  4. We’ve received and processed your booking cancelation request. If you’d like to reschedule, feel free to make a new booking via our website.

Briq tip – Try to activate your visitors to make a new booking.

Review request phrases

  1. We hope you’ve had a great time at <add name venue>! Share your experience on Google now. 
  2. Thank you for your visit. It was a pleasure to have you. Was it fun for you too? Share your experience with us on Google. 
  3. Take a moment to share how your day at <add name venue> made you feel here: <add link to review page>. We hope you enjoyed your visit and are looking forward to seeing you again soon. 
  4. Thank you for visiting <add name venue>. Every day, we try to deliver the best experience possible. Did you appreciate our efforts? Please share your review with the rest of the world. 
  5. What a joy it was to have you at <add name venue>. We hope you enjoyed it too. If so… why not share it on Google? Thank you!

Briq tip – Consider giving a discount on the next visit for every <number> review to trigger the visitor to write a review.

Survey request phrases

  1. Thank you for visiting <add name venue>. We’d love to know more about your time with us. Please share your feedback so that we can improve your experience when you visit us in the future!
  2. Your feedback will make <add name activities> at <add name venue> even more fun! Share what you loved and what you’d love to see improved so that we can create better experiences for everyone. 
  3. We hope you’ve had a great time at <add name venue> and would love to know more about your experience. Please share your feedback with us so that we’ll know what’s great and what could be greater. Thank you!

Briq tip – Ask what your guests missed during the visit, if anything stood out and if they have any ideas for new packages or activities to improve their experience.

Briq can automatically send your emails for you

When using Briq’s online booking system, we make sure you automatically send a

  • Booking confirmation email after the booking has been made
  • Payment confirmation email after the full payment or deposit has been completed online
  • Cancelation confirmation email after the booking has been canceled by your guest and you have canceled it in the booking system

‍These emails are already created for you, but you can also choose to customize them. 

‍Through Zapier you’re able to connect other tools, such as marketing automation tool Mailchimp, Office or Gmail, to send any other emails. Our Customer Success Manager is happy to help you set this up.

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