Improve your leisure venue’s website with these 13 tips

Online booking september 28, 2021
Improve your leisure venue’s website with these 13 tips

The website of your FEC is your digital welcome to your visitors. This is your moment to shine and give your guests the first taste of your leisure center’s experience, show off fun activities and get people excited to come to your venue(s). 

‍That means your website should be as awesome as your venue. After all, at least 90% of today’s visitors check you out online before they come to your location – preferably on their mobile phones.

If they have a great experience with your website, they’ll probably think they’ll also have a great experience at your leisure center. So the more people you can convince through your online experience, the more will book and schedule your activities

Reason enough to apply these Family Entertainment Center website (FEC website) guidelines to create the best website possible. The most important pointers? 

  1. Your website should load quickly, preferably within 3 seconds
  2. Your experiences should be online bookable, for example with a Briq webshop
  3. The Call to Action to book now should always be visible and easy to find
  4. Your visuals – photos, videos and colours – should reflect your offline experience
  5. Your most important information should be easily accessible, such as your opening hours, activities and answers to frequently asked questions

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Our family entertainment center website guidelines set you up for success

‍At Briq Bookings we use these guidelines to help increase our customers’ revenue and online bookings. “Great websites convert over 60% more visitors than poor websites” according to our Briq data expert Julian Glenesk.


Read more about optimizing your conversion rate.

Great FEC websites function flawlessly and are easy to navigate

‍A well-functioning website is key to a good experience, and is even more important than great visuals. You don’t want your visitors to have to wait or not understand what they’re looking at or where to find information.

Therefore, make sure that… 

1. Your FEC website loads quickly

A good website loads within 2 to 3 seconds. The moment your website is 1 second too slow, this will lead to 11% fewer visitors viewing your page, 16% less satisfaction and 7% fewer conversions. So when your website is several seconds too slow, this will have a very negative impact on your number of bookings. 

On top of that, a slow website causes you to rank lower on Google. Is your website too slow? Find out how to get your website to load more quickly now.

2. Your FEC website functions perfectly on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

90% of your customers will want to book you using their mobile phones. If they can’t, they’ll either call or email you (which will cost you more time) or try out another venue. 

So we can’t stress enough how important it is that your website and webshop work well on mobile phones.

Note that if you choose to create a webshop with Briq, you’ll be sure to have a mobile-friendly booking flow.

3. Your FEC website is easy to navigate so your visitors quickly find what they’re looking for

In the example below you can see what an easy to navigate leisure website looks like.

What’s most important? That your Book now button can always be found. To check if your website is easy to navigate, take the following steps: 

  1. Take three steps away from your laptop and check if you can immediately find your Book now button. If not, use another colour or put it in another place and check again. 
  2. Check if your guests can easily find all your activities, information and pictures.
  3. Ask yourself if all information on your homepage is relevant and helps you achieve your main goals, such as to sell specific deals, get customers to come during peak hours or simply get as many customers as possible.

Your FEC website is easy to navigate so your visitors quickly find what they’re looking for, like this one from R1 Indoor Karting's - Briq Bookings

R1 Indoor Karting’s website is easy to navigate. All activities are shown in the navigation bar and Book now buttons are always visible. 

During our E-commerce Academy we help you improve the navigation of your website (and webshop). So sign up to start using Briq for free if you want to join our courses.

4. Your leisure center website is online bookable with as few clicks as possible less is more

You want to keep the number of clicks to book an experience to a minimum. To experience what that should feel like, you can check out our demo webshop.

5. Your CTA – Book Now – button is always visible and clickable on your FEC website

Yes, we already covered this, but we added it again to cover how important this is! If you’re online bookable, your guests should always know where they can click to make their bookings. 

Also, make sure your Book now button leads to the best possible booking flow, for example with a Briq webshop.

Capture your offline experience online at your FEC website

‍To get people excited about your activities, you can already make them feel as if they are at your venue through the way you design your website.

To successfully achieve that you need to make sure that…

6. Your visuals – logo, photos, videos and colours – reflect your brand and experiences

Are your brand’s colours black and red? Then make sure your website is mainly black and red too. You want to make sure your online experience is just as on-brand as your offline experience. To do so, we also advise you to avoid generic stock photos and use on-brand photos of your activities and your venue. 

At DeFabrique’s website you immediately see what their venue is like. 

7. Your FEC website conveys, invokes and shows the emotions you want your visitors to feel

Laughing family and friends enjoying your activities is what you’re looking for. Or perhaps your activities are more exhilarating and you want to show action, excitement and movement!

Whatever emotions you want your guests to feel… make sure you capture them in your visuals and in your copy.

Unit 13 in the Netherlands does a great job reflecting their thrilling experiences in their webshop’s images

Unit 13 in the Netherlands does a great job reflecting their thrilling experiences in their webshop’s images - Briq Bookings

But also think about a brand such as Disney with a website where everyone is smiling and being enchanted by the Disney experience. 

8. Your tone of voice and copy is active, motivating, friendly and fun

Never forget to communicate why your activities are awesome for your guests.
Our tip is to get a copywriter on board to help you get your texts as on point as possible. You can find great copywriters via platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr or simply on LinkedIn.

‍A copywriter can also help you rank better on Google using SEO. For example, you want to make sure that visitors find you when they’re Googling for a specific activity that you offer in your area.

Most potential visitors use Google to make their choice for a leisure center. Ranking number 1 will get 80% of those searching visitors to visit your website, which significantly increases your chance that they’ll also book your venue.

Share important information online to save you and your visitors time

Think about all the information you share in your brochures and flyers and all the questions your visitors regularly ask in person or over the phone. Now make that information available on your family entertainment center website.

You need to make sure that…

9. Your guests can find all your activities online and book them too

In this case, more is more. Even though you shouldn’t overwhelm your visitors with a busy website where they don’t know where to look, you do want to show what you’ve got to offer. You can add a separate page or section where you showcase all your activities in a stylish overview with pictures and a clear name (if an activity is about axe throwing, call it axe throwing – that’s the clearest name there is). 

When your visitors click on your activities, they should also be able to read the details about these activities that are relevant to them. Can kids join? How large can the groups be? Do they need to wear special clothing? This is the place to answer your most frequently asked questions per activity. 

Your activities should also be bookable with a link to your webshop. For example, Briq Bookings enables you to be bookable and your visitors can even combine multiple activities and food, drinks and merchandise to create their own personalized itinerary


10. Your family entertainment center’s pricing and top deals are super easy to find, select and book

Show your deals and pricing on your website and then send your visitors to your optimized webshop.

A webshop can be of great help to promote your most popular deals or push your guests to visit you at times when it’s usually not that busy. This way, you can maximize your capacity.

11. Information like opening hours, the weather, directions and events for your leisure center is easy to find

In the example below you can immediately find the opening hours “Openingstijden” next to the most important Call to Action: Get Tickets. This first overview also shares the phone number and the facts that the Kartfabrique is 100% child friendly and you can cancel bookings free of charge.

On top of that the Kartfabrique communicates that it offers the most fun day out in Utrecht, the city where they’re located.

Improve your FEC website and make sure information like opening hours, the weather, directions and events is easy to find - Briq Bookings

Next, when you click on the menu (on the far right in the navigation bar next to Tickets), you can plan your route, start chatting with any employees and get an overview of everything the Kartfabrique offers. It even has a search function to find any other information you may be looking for.

Improver your FEC center, have a clear overview of what you offer and where you are located in place - Briq Bookings

12. Your visitors are informed by your FEC website that they’ll be safe – online and offline

First and foremost, you need to inform your guests about the safety of your activities and reassure them that you concur with all existing safety guidelines.

Secondly, you want to share on your website that you won’t use their data without their consent and that your booking flow and payment methods are safe too, for example when you use our Briq Booking and Stripe integration.

Thirdly, with COVID-19 it’s become of key importance to inform your guests about their safety when they simply visit your venue. Try to manage your capacity in the best possible way to avoid unnecessary cues, crowds and waiting times, for example with Briq Bookings scheduling software.

13. Your visitors’ most frequently asked questions are addressed directly to save your visitors and your employees valuable time

Think about all the questions your guests continuously ask you, write them down, and answer them on your core pages or add a section with frequently asked questions and their answers to your pages and homepage. Such a section will also help you rank better in Google!

R1 Indoor Karting added information about COVID-19 guidelines on their homepage to answer one of the core questions their current visitors may have. 

R1 Indoor Karting added information about COVID-19 guidelines on their homepage to answer one of the core questions their current visitors may have. 

Read our article on how to make your customers feel safe after COVID at your indoor FEC.

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