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Leisure email marketing tips

It sounds easy: you create a good email, send it to your mailing list and wait until the bookings are made. ‍This way of sending different types of emails probably generates revenue, but also leaves room for improvement. To get more out of your leisure email marketing and grow your number of bookings and customer retentionit’s key to review your reports, test with different emails and implement best practices. 

We’ll take you through the steps of email testing and help you find out what the perfect email looks like for your guests.

Email testing to improve your open and click-through rates

To determine whether an email was successful, have a look at these numbers:

  • The average percentage of people who opened your email should be around 12-25%
  • The average percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email should be around 2-5%

The higher these percentages are, the more likely it is that you get more bookings. Keep track of these numbers to get an understanding of what email works best for your guests. You could do this with a marketing automation tool, such as MailChimp.

One of the best ways to improve the open and click-through rates is to test different email variations with the same message to determine which one performs better. 

Let’s dive into how you can do that with an example.

Increase open rate by testing different subject lines

Let’s say you want to test which subject line generates more opened emails. Create one email with two different subject lines, ensure that the rest of the email (copy, visuals, call-to-action buttons etc.) is the same, so you can test the effect of each subject line.

Think about what’s relevant to your audience and make use of questions, call to actions or informative phrases in the subject lines. 

Divide your mailing list in 3 groups 

  • Group 1, to receive variation A 
  • Group 2, to receive variation B
  • Group 3, to receive the version that performed best

After you’ve sent the email to group 1 and 2, have a look at the data report. Which email has the highest open rate? Send the email with the winning subject line to group 3, the rest of the mailing list. 

Test emails to improve your leisure email marketing, you can use this flow - Briq Bookings

Try this with different parts of the email to understand what works best. By combining these best practices into one email, you create an email that generates the most opens and clicks to your website. Which in the end leads to better marketing and more bookings for your leisure center. 


Other parts of the email you can test

  • Email senders – send the email from your company name or from a person (e.g the owner) and check what’s opened the most
  • Send out times – send the email in the morning and evening or try a weekday versus weekend day to find out what opens more often
  • Email preheaders – write something that’s related to your subject line or only to your leisure center to determine what increases the open rate
  • Call-to-action buttons – use different layouts, like size or color, and play with copy to improve your click-through rate
  • Visuals – create one version with just photos and one with a video or experiment with the amount of visuals, such as one large picture or just five smaller ones, to increase click-through rate
  • Text length – share a whole story in one email and only an introduction with a “Read more” call to action in the other one to find out if your guests want to read all about the topic in your email or if they’re willing to click to your website
  • Personalization – experiment with starting your email with the guest’s name or not to increase engagement and click-through rate
  • Frequency – send your emails to one group every week and another group every two weeks to determine the effect on open rates

Compare the data from your email reports and list best practices

After every email you send, compare the data of the two variations. What is the opening rate of both emails? How often is clicked on your call-to-action buttons? How many bookings are made after the email was opened? 

Test often, list what works best for your business and combine all the best practices in one email. This will take you some time, but will drive you more bookings. 

Briq tip – When testing, adjust one or two parts of the email. If you adjust more, it will be difficult to conclude what made the difference when you look at the results. Small changes make big differences. 

How Briq helps you streamline your work

Make your business more effective and save time by automating your bookings with Briq’s  online booking system. It helps you to save time and streamline your operations, because you centralize all the information and tools you currently use in one place. 

If you integrate a marketing automation tool with Briq, such as MailChimp, you’re able to easily send emails – related to bookings or promotions – to your guests and improve your leisure email marketing. Our Customer Success Managers are happy to help you with setting up.  

Let us know if you need any help with choosing the right booking and multi-activity scheduling software. We’re here to help you and discuss your needs and possibilities. 

Psst… one more thing!

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