How to pick the right online booking system for your leisure business

Online booking mei 20, 2024
How to pick the right online booking system for your leisure business

There are many ways in which your leisure business can benefit from an online booking system. The main benefits?

  • Your customers can book your venue 24/7, on all devices
  • You’ll get access to interesting customer data insights
  • You’ll be able to optimize your bookings with a multi-activity booking system and upsell possibilities

Today, we explain how you can benefit from an online booking system and what you should pay attention to when choosing one.

Why is using an online booking system important?

An online booking and scheduling software will make your business more efficient. Your staff won’t be tied to the phone. Instead, the bookings will automatically enter your system. You will easily manage your calendar and your bookings. This will significantly improve your customer service and increase your revenue.

Using the right booking system doesn’t only make your business more efficient. Nowadays, most customers book their activity online. 97% of your customers want to find and book you online.

In short, effective booking and scheduling software is indispensable to meet your customers’ expectations and not miss out on online bookings.

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What are the signs I should start using online booking and scheduling software?

How to pick the right online booking system for your leisure business - Briq Bookings

If you’re currently not using an online booking and scheduling software, you may experience some difficulties when managing your bookings at a certain point.

Do you recognize any of these signs? Then your FEC will hugely benefit from an online booking system.

The signs that it’s time to start using an online booking system

  • Your employees are having difficulties picking up all phone calls while focussing on the guests in your venue.
  • Sometimes it’s so busy that some calling customers don’t get to make a reservation.
  • You receive voicemails from customers that tried to book your venue outside of your opening hours.
  • You don’t really know much about your customers, except what you see when they come to your venue.
  • You aren’t bookable online, or receive only few online bookings.

To ensure you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an online booking system, we discuss 6 ways in which you can recognize the right booking and scheduling software for you.

6 ways to recognize a good online booking system for your business

After working with leisure businesses all over the world and providing them with our customized booking and scheduling software, we know exactly which requirements a good online booking system should meet.

When choosing a booking and scheduling software, make sure it fits all your business needs. 

1. Your bookings system works 24/7

To maximize your revenue, you want to be bookable all day every day. Remember that customers will want to book your venue outside of your working hours as well. In fact, 35% of all customers book outside of opening hours. 

The right booking and scheduling software should therefore allow your customers to book your venue 24/7. This will greatly increase the number of bookings. Briq’s online booking system will ensure your webshop is available 24/7. 

2. Your booking system provides you with useful data insights

A good online booking system will provide you with smart analytic tools, such as Google Analytics and Zapier. These tools can keep track of your bookings and customers. Knowing your customers is important to create an effective marketing strategy and great website and webshop

Briq’s booking and scheduling software will allow you to get insights into useful data such as your customer preferences, which deals and upsells sell the best and which pages are most popular. This information will allow you to determine which areas your business needs to work on to keep growing.

3. Your booking system works on all devices

In accordance with our data, 78% of customers book their outing with their mobile phone. 20% book via desktop and only 2% use their tablet. Your booking and scheduling software therefore needs to provide you with a mobile-responsive webshop.

With Briq, you’ll ensure your webshop is bookable from all devices. We guarantee a seamless booking experience to your customers.

4. It’s a multi-activity booking system

Does your leisure center offer multiple activities? Then you want your customers to be able to book multiple activities in one booking.

For example, your guests will first spend some time on your bowling alley and then discover your laser tag arena. Multi-activity bookings will increase your average booking value and therefore your revenue. Also, it will optimize your customers’ experience by offering custom deals and complete experiences.

Multi-activity booking is a unique feature that Briq’s online booking system supports. Guests can plan their entire day at your venue at once.

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5. Your booking system provides you with effortless upselling techniques

Offering upsells makes your guests feel valued, since you’re offering a custom experience, while maximizing your revenue from each booking. Upselling is therefore a business opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Every booking targets different customers with different needs. This means each booking requires different upsells. One of briq’s strengths are the custom upsell possibilities. All activities your leisure offers, together with other upsells such as food and drinks, can be booked in one booking.

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6. Your booking system allows you to receive upfront payments

Customers who already paid for their booking are more likely to show up, making no-shows a thing of the past. Another advantage of upfront payments is that your customers will be more likely to spend more money at your facility. The payment made upfront is part of the past and, therefore, easily forgotten.

If you want your guests to pay upfront, then make this option very easy. Make sure your webshop supports various payment methods. With Briq you can decide if and how much a guest needs to pay upfront.

Our online booking system allows your customers to pay with almost all locally used payment methods, such as Credit Card, iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can also choose to let the customer pay at your venue. 

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Now that you’ve read about what to pay attention to when choosing an online booking system, it’s time to think about which software is right for your company. Discover what will happen with your business once you start using an online booking software.

Make sure to check out Briq’s online booking and scheduling software. Not only will you be able to provide your customers with a mobile-friendly webshop and custom experiences, you’ll also receive online training and 24/7 support.

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