Set SMART goals to take measurable actions

Ebooks mei 29, 2024
set smart goals

What’s the secret to creating an online experience that draws in more customers, drives more bookings, and increases your average order value?

At Briq Bookings we’ve found that the answer to achieving your main business goals lies in best practices, benchmarks, and, above all, data. That’s why we dive into the journey from data insights to baselines and benchmarks, setting micro goals and how to optimize your website and webshop to get you more bookings.

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Set SMART goals to take measurable actions

Once you’ve taken inventory of your improvement points, you need to determine your main goals and divide your larger goals into SMART micro goals that you can measure over time. 

SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound goals, and they’re essential when you want to become a pro at making data-driven decisions.

First determine your macro goals

Let’s suppose that Qirb Fun Center, probably just like you, has formulated two main objectives based on their data: 

  • Get more online bookings 
  • Increase the average order value 

These are Qirb’s macro goals, and although they are measurable (it’s just a matter of checking whether the numbers have gone up), they are not specific enough to make the data-driven decisions that will make you more successful. 

After all, where do you even start to change your online experience when your goal is “Get more online bookings”? It’s a great goal, but it’s not specific enough.


Turn macro goals into SMART micro goals

Those two macro goals have to be split up into several different micro goals. You can easily do so when you return to the opportunities your data points to.

Get more online bookings

Whether you can get more online bookings depends on your ability to improve your online marketing efforts and the online experience you’ve staged for your customers with your website and webshop. 

Considering that we’ve already taken note that Qirb’s conversion rates are anything but great, two initial smaller goals could be to analyze the website and webshop to optimize Qirb’s online experience.

Accordingly, you can turn these smaller goals into measurable micro goals like: 

  • Increase the number of visitors to Qirb’s website by 15% in one month  
  • Increase the number of visitors who go to Qirb’s webshop by 50% in one month (also known as the clickthrough rate) 
  • Increase the conversion rates from visitors in Qirb’s webshop with 50% in one month 

With every micro goal that’s achieved, you’re working your way towards reaching your macro goal.

Increase the average order value

This macro goal is closely linked to your online presence, but has even more to do with the way you present your activities, deals and extras in your webshop. 

Analyzing Qirb Fun Center’s data, we found that customers mainly book single activities and that only a very small percentage actually adds extras to their booking. Our data therefore indicates that we’re likely to increase Qirb’s average order value when we get customers to book multi-activity experiences and buy more extras. 

Hence, these would be two great micro goals: 

  • Sell 50% more multi-activity experiences and combi-deals within one month 
  • Sell 50% more extras for all online bookings within one month 

Again, each micro goal contributes to your macro goal of increasing your average order value for your (online) bookings.

Now you know what SMART goals are and how you can implement them into your strategy. Need some help with this? Briq can help you.

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