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Leisure industry February 11, 2022
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Socializing through games and activities is not a new concept. For example, traditional board games in bars have been a big hit for years. 

What’s new is the re-interpretation of the socializing concept in combination with new or renewed activities. And this makes for a great opportunity that leisure venues and bars can play into.

Why? They play into the trend of guests looking to do activities together with others to connect and create collaborative experiences. 

Why is competitive socializing such a huge trend?

Many recent studies have shown that people feel distant from their family and friends due to COVID-19. So now, more than ever, they want to go to different places and meet people to socialize again

By bringing people together in your venue they turn into their own entertainment. Conversation and interaction become the essence of the experience. Meanwhile they spend more and more money on food and beverages, which is great for your revenue.

These are 8 revamped must-have activities that will get your guests to socialize and enjoy a great day out at your venue. 

1. Karaoke

Karaoke is trending and gaining popularity because it’s a relatively easy way of entertaining your guests with a sociable experience. 

It’s a trendy activity for bachelor parties and company outings for a reason. Guests will have the time of their lives while singing along with the greatest hits of Adele and Britney Spears together. In Japan, karaoke has become so popular that karaoke parties are organized daily.

Add karaoke as an upsell activity or in combined packages

Karaoke is an ideal upsell after another activity at your venue. It gives your guests a reason to stay and gather for a fun time after, for example,  go-karting. 

Since you don’t need a large space to add a karaoke bar to your venue, you can easily add this activity to your venue.

2. Competitive socializing

Competitive socializing combines sociable activities like darts, pool and ping pong with automated competition elements for a high-quality experience, often together with food and drinks. 

Augmented Reality changed the way we play these classic games. For example, 501 Entertainment works with interactive darts that let guests play on an interactive touchscreen.  The interactive touchscreen allows guests to make selfies, add players and choose between different games.

501 Entertainment to Eat. Drink. Play. 

Besides interactive darts, guests can also play cashless pool and soon interactive shuffle at 501 Entertainment. Guests absolutely love such socially engaging entertainment and the memories they create together with their friends and family. They’ll have the best time competing against each other, having drinks and even meeting new people at your venue.

It gets even better. With 501 Entertainment’s integration with Briq Bookings, you benefit from an all-in-one solution of 501 Entertainment’s games and Briq’s booking software. Your guests book the activity through Briq’s seamless webshop and only need their booking code to start playing a game once they arrive at your venue.

Competitive socialising at 501 Entertainment

3. X-Cubes

X-Cubes are next-level escape rooms filled with the latest technology, such as a touchscreen and impressive light and sound effects. The best part? This cool experience fits in 170 square feet (16m2).

Guests play X-Cube games in a team. Together, their goal is to solve the game and get the highest score. Teamwork and communication are essential. Teams can play all kinds of games that last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. 

For example, you can solve a murdercase or disarm a bomb. X-Cubes are great to gather groups of friends, families or colleagues for business events. It is a true team building experience that your guests won’t forget anytime soon.

Book your X-Cube experience

If you’re interested in experiencing X-Cubes for yourself, book your X-Cube game at X-Cube Theater Koningshof Maassluis, the Netherlands, to discover what it’s like. 

4. Arcade games

Your guests enjoy arcade games, because they get to hang out and try all games, a quarter at a time. Both single and multi-player arcade games enable a great social experience, as guests like to watch each other play and cheer on friends, family members or even just other guests while having a drink or two.

New arcade games extend the experience with VR, motion and game-specific sensors. The latest arcade trends create among the best immersive and surprising experiences out there. 

Guests can play against or alongside their friends, each with their own VR headset. Games vary from first-time games with optical illusions to shooting games and games for kids. 

At Coronel you can try different VR arcade games, from chasing after zombies to saving humanity from aliens. Guests play all their VR games in teams for the ultimate sociable battle. 

5. VR games 

VR experiences are a great way to hang out with friends while discovering a new way to view the world. The City allows guests to touch and feel skyscrapers, teleport themselves to wherever they want and enjoy sunsets together from the top of the world. Every street and place you visit is an exact copy of the real world. 

Besides traveling throughout the world, you can also wander the streets as a giant, zoom in to the ground or zoom out to the air. You can even change the weather and the light.

Not only can your guests meet up in a virtual space during a game, they can also come together for a drink or bite after the VR games. Here, they can talk about funny moments during the games and what they liked the most. 

6. Jeu de boules

Playing jeu de boules while grabbing a drink with friends or colleagues is a well-known fun and sociable activity. Some venues even included a food hall with quality food, craft beers and fine cocktails to complete the experience. 

This old-fashioned activity is completely hip again with a focus on interaction and socialization. It’s an easy game that anyone can play. 

With jeu de boules you turn your venue into a true meeting place where people get to know new people, organize tournaments or challenge each other. 

7. Trampolining

Trampolining has immensely raised in popularity over the past few years. Not only kids adore jumping, adults do too. It’s a playful way of spending time together while staying active. Of course, a day of trampolining isn’t complete without bites and drinks afterwards.

Trampolining is great to attract groups of guests, for example for birthday parties or other events. It can even be a fun Valentine’s day date, or a great way to release some stress after a long day at work.

Trampoline venues often combine multiple trampolines of different heights and sizes for the ultimate jump. You’ll find uniquely themed and decorated walls and surroundings as well.

8. Outdoor activities

Due to COVID-19, some guests prefer to participate in outdoor activities, or they simply prefer it because they enjoy the outdoors. As a result, outdoor activities are a go-to day out with activities such as cycling, canoeing, hiking and even skiing. 

For example, Newlife Outdoor Sports lets guests explore caves, kayak in the current of the river or climb over the rocks of the Belgian Ardennes. You can even play laser tag or paintball outdoors. 

Sharing these adventurous and sometimes challenging activities brings people together. Guests will have to work together, help and rely on each other. Outdoor activities combine socializing with adventure and teamwork.   

COVID tip – online activities when your venue is closed 

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many leisure venues to close their doors. Yet, some got creative and started offering online activities as a way for people to come together safely. For example, they made it possible for their guests to participate in online sport and game tournaments.

If your venue is closed, try to experiment with memberships for online games. Your guests will enjoy coming together for a sociable activity, even if it’s online. It’s also a great way for your guests to remember your venue and come visit you in real life when you can reopen.

With Briq all your activities become bookable online 

Briq enables a seamless booking experience for your guests to come together at your venue with their friends and family. 

You’re able to sell all group activities as well as all extras in one easy booking. What do you get out of this? A higher average order value, more bookings and satisfied guests.

Get in touch with Briq to find out what we can do for you.

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