Newlife Outdoor Sports teams up with Briq for smooth online bookings

In the spotlight January 28, 2022
Newlife Outdoor Sports teams up with Briq for smooth online bookings

Newlife Outdoor Sports started working with Briq in April 2021 to enable their guests to easily and quickly make online bookings. This multi-activity center in the Ardennes, Belgium, offers almost everything you can think of when it comes to outdoor activities – from climbing and kayaking to lasergaming and hiking. 

Outdoor adventures for everyone at Newlife Outdoor Sports

Whether you like to be in the dark exploring the caves, let yourself be carried away by the currents of the river in a kayak or prefer to go uphill climbing, at Newlife Outdoor Sports there’s an adventure waiting for everyone. 

And the adventure doesn’t even end here. You can also visit Newlife Outdoor Sports for archery, lasergaming, paintball, Via Ferrata, (guided) hikings, climbing and abseiling, mountain biking, raft building and sailing. 

Lots of fun guaranteed!

Newlife Outdoor Sports wanted a smooth booking system for their guests

To offer their guests an easy and quick booking experience, Newlife Outdoor Sports started using Briq’s online bookings system

Carla Welten from Newlife Outdoor Sports explains why they chose Briq: “The people from Briq were very enthusiastic and thoughtful. This convinced us to go for an online booking system and now we don’t want to be without it!”

The online booking system also helps Newlife Outdoor Sports to work more efficiently.

“The booking system is clear and easy to use. It makes our work a lot easier and we can fully focus on the onsite experience. The support from Briq is good and very fast. We’re happy with them and our webshop.”

One of Newlife Outdoor Sports’ USPs is combining multiple activities into one adventure. Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software makes this possible. This means you can choose to book a single activity or extend your visit at Newlife Outdoor Sports with more activities. 

Book your next outdoor adventure

Newlife Outdoor Sports is an awesome venue with activities that are suitable for anyone and any group size. So what are you waiting for? Beat your friends with archery, collaborate with building a raft or be the first at the mountain’s top. 

Have a look at their webshop and book your favorite activities!

Newlife Outdoors Sports started using Briq Bookings to smoothen the online bookings for their guests
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