The laser tag software you can’t live without and why

Integrations April 07, 2022

There’s no laser tag game without software. Venues need laser tag software to manage their games, equipment, scoring and bookings.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of laser tag software you need and how they work.

1. Game management software

Game management software, or a laser tag operator, allows you to manage the game and all equipment used at your venue. You can launch a game, select players, assign equipment to each team and shut down the equipment at the end of each game. A game ends automatically if one team wins. You can manage the games via a web browser interface. 

In some cases the software also features different games, scenarios and characters. These features are great to create the ultimate laser tag experience at your venue. Guests can pick a game, such as clash, combat or virus elimination. Then, they get to select their own character with a unique set of player characteristics. They can for example be a vampire, zombie or sniper. 

2. Scoring software

Scoring software keeps track of the score of each player. It keeps track of each player’s score during the game and displays these scores at the end of the game, as well as the team’s statistics. Guests love seeing how well they performed postgame. For an extra fun experience you can therefore choose laser tag software that provides more in depth insights, such as who each guest hit and how many times they got hit themselves.

Usually, scoring software provides personal scoring statistics in 3 ways:

  • A printed form
  • Social media forms
  • TV display

You get to choose the format convenient for you and your guests. 

3. Laser tag booking software

Your guests want to book your venue online. That’s why you need a laser tag booking system. Ideally, this software takes care of your online bookings and schedules them automatically. 

With Briq’s laser tag booking software, guests can book all your deals in just a few clicks. Multi-activity bookings, group bookings and upsells and cross-sells included. Guests go to your website, click on your webshop and see all the awesome deals you offer. Want to know you can increase the traffic to your website? Have a look at these 5 online marketing tips.

With Briq, you guarantee your visitors a seamless online booking experience with a fully responsive webshop that’s available 24/7. The booking system optimizes your capacity based on your own business rules. For example, you can choose to cluster bookings in certain hours. 

Discover the benefits of bookings with multiple activities for your laser tag FEC.

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