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Benefits of bookings with multiple activities for your laser tag venue

Post by Eline

Published: April 29, 2022

Did you ever think about combining your laser tag deals with other activities at your leisure center?

Doing so will grow your business, because guests that combine your laser tag experiences with other activities spend more money on the activities and stay longer at your venue. This is an opportunity for selling food, beverages and extras. And there are many more reasons why you should look into selling packages with multiple activities. 

What are the benefits of selling packages with multiple activities for your laser tag venue?

Multi-activity bookings can consist of a program with two or more activities. For your laser tag venue, this could be a combination of one game of laser tag and an hour of bowling. It can also include food, drinks or other available extras, like coins for arcade games. Let’s dive into the benefits of selling multi-activity packages.

1. Get more revenue

If you offer packages with multiple activities in your webshop, your guests are very likely to participate in more than one activity. This means more revenue and a higher average order value than when they book only one activity. Your guests also spend more time at your venue, which increases the chance of extra purchases during their visit, for instance food and drinks in between the activities.

2. Offer your guests complete and personal experiences

Nowadays, it’s becoming more popular to plan more than just one activity, because people want to get the full experience. To meet your guests in this regard, offering packages with multiple activities is the solution. If you know your guests’ needs, you can create tailor-made packages that give the whole experience a personal touch.

To complete the experience, you can also add upsell and cross-sell options in the booking process. This gives your guests the opportunity to add another activity, food and beverages or other add-ons. Make sure you offer extras that are relevant to your deals’ target group.

3. Introduce your guests to other activities

While a lot of people are visiting your leisure center because of the laser tag experience, some guests may prefer a different activity in the first place. With this in mind, you can combine the other activities you offer with a game of laser tag, and thus introduce this activity to those guests. 

This way, you surprise your guests with a whole new experience and if they like it, they’ll come back and recommend you to their friends and family. 

4. Boost activities that are less popular

Do you sometimes have empty activities, while your laser tag games are fully booked? To also maximize the capacity of the other activities, you can combine them with your laser tag experience. This way you spread your guests over multiple activities, more activities are being used and you increase your revenue.

5. Become more efficient in planning your capacity

If your guests visit you for multiple activities, the time they spend at your venue is longer than when they visit you for one game of laser tag. Not only does this increase your revenue, it also gives you great insights in advance into how busy a day will be. 

This is because your guests choose one starting time for their activity program, while single activity visitors will come and go during the day and you’ll need more bookings for the same occupancy. In addition, bookings with multiple activities reduce the chance of gaps in your planning. With this information, you know exactly how many guests you’ll have and how much staff you need on a day.

Check out these 5 tips about maximizing your FEC’s capacity.

6. Save time

If your guests book packages with multiple activities, this means you’ll have fewer check-ins, which is very time-saving. This is because multiple facilities are used by the same guests, instead of many different guests at different times.

When using Briq’s booking software, you no longer have to do this manually. The smart scheduler takes care of scheduling and planning the activities. This means you’ll have more time than ever to focus on the guest experience

How do you create packages with multiple activities?

Bundling your activities into multi-activity packages consists of 4 steps:

  1. Get an understanding of what your guests like – to be able to create packages with multiple activities for different target groups
  2. Create multi-activity packages – combine your laser tag experiences with other activities your guests will get excited about
  3. Make your packages online bookable – to make it easy for your guests to book their experiences online
  4. Promote your activity packages – to get more traffic to your website to increase the number of bookings

In this article we dive deeper into the creation of packages with multiple activities.

Examples of packages with laser tag and other activities

For inspiration, we’ve listed 3 examples of multi-activity packages that include at least one game of laser tag. 

Triple Pass

In this package, Paradice Botany combined 1 game of laser tag with 1 game of mini-golf and an ice skating session. 

In this package, Paradice Botany combined 1 game of laser tag with 1 game of mini-golf and an ice skating session. 

Laser Tag Party

Funzone bundled 2 games of laser tag with arcade into one activity package.

Funzone bundled 2 games of laser tag with arcade into one activity package.

Laser Tag and VR Party Package

This party package at GAMR consists of 2 games of laser tag, 30 minutes VR and food and soft drinks. 

This party package at GAMR consists of 2 games of laser tag, 30 minutes VR and food and soft drinks. 

Grow your business with Briq’s laser tag booking software

Are you ready to get more out of your laser tag business? With Briq’s laser tag booking software and smart scheduler you get your own webshop to easily sell and plan your bookings with laser tag and other activities. Your guests can book you 24/7 and you save a lot of time and money on administrative work.

Discover what software you need to run a laser tag business and learn more about creating awesome laser game experiences. Are you wondering how to get more traffic to your website for more online sales? Check out these 5 online marketing tips.

Feel free to get in touch with us or create a free account. We’re happy to discuss the possibilities for your business with you.



Eline loves creating key content to help leisure businesses improve their online strategy. In her spare time she enjoys going outside and often has a paintbrush in her hands.

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