4 online marketing tips for your bowling center to get more bookings

Online growth mei 20, 2024
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Online marketing serves many purposes. It helps you to stay connected with your guests to increase retention, but also has a lot of possibilities to attract new guests or boost your sales.

Maybe you already use social media? Social media platforms are great to engage with your guests and show them fun videos or pictures of your bowling center. Email is a channel you can use to encourage your guests to come back to you again, while with SEO and paid advertising you can reach new guests to visit you. 

Let’s take a closer look at these different online marketing strategies. 

1. Connect and engage with your guests through social media

By keeping your social media channels full of awesome content, you stay top-of-mind with the bowling fans in your area. You’ll be able to attract new guests and build relationships with existing guests. 

Regularly post on social media and show what your venue has to offer. For example, share fun educational videos in which you show cool bowling techniques, or capture footage of kids parties. 

You can also share testimonials, to show potential guests how much fun your venue is, and use the platforms to announce special bowling occasions. The options are endless, so find out what works best for your followers. 

Have a look at our content calendar to get inspired for special events or days you can post about on social media.

2. Get more traffic to your website with SEO

With SEO (search engine optimization) you set up your website in a way that search engines, like Google, consider your content as high quality. This results in a high organic ranking, which means your website shows up in the first results when people search for a specific keyword

Let’s say you have a hyper bowling lane. You want people in your target area to find you as soon as they search for “hyper bowling”. Write a landing page about hyper bowling, include hyper bowling deals and create a button that links to your webshop, so you’ve done everything you can to make a conversion possible. To know which keywords are interesting for your bowling center, check the search volume through SEO tools like SEMrush or SE Ranking.

Other steps you can take to improve your SEO are building a linking strategy, writing great meta titles and descriptions and paying attention to how fast your pages load. 

3. Use online advertising to reach new guests

Using ads helps you drive more traffic to your website in the short term to boost the number of bookings. You can promote your bowling alley in general or use ads to promote a special bowling deal or event

For example, with Google Ads you pay to show your ad for a certain keyword to be at the first results. It helps you to deliver the right message to the right target group. Ads are also useful on social media platforms. Keep an eye on posts that work very well and consider boosting them as a paid ad. This way you reach more people and increase your visibility.

If you currently don’t have a lot of time or resources to do your online marketing, Briq Boost  might be suitable for you. This additional service for Briq’s clients boosts their activities on listing pages. This way you reach people who otherwise wouldn’t have found your website.

Briq Boost is a risk free service, you only pay a small fee per booking. No bookings mean no costs.

Learn more about the differences between SEO and SEA and how to target the right audience with Google Ads.

4. Boost retention with email marketing

With email marketing, you reach your guests in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable price. You can send emails to promote new deals and special bowling offers, regularly send a newsletter and invite your guests to celebrate their birthdays with you again

You can also send automated emails that are related to bookings. Think about confirmation emails, payment reminders or a “thank you for visiting” email. These informative emails ensure that your guests have all the necessary information about their booking before they visit you. After a visit, you can consider sending a feedback email. Ask your guests to fill out a survey or write a review.

Especially when you keep in mind that finding new guests to visit you is more expensive than guests who return to you, email is a great channel to keep in touch with them. 

Check out these 7 tips to create successful emails and what kind of emails you can send.

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