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Online booking juli 15, 2024
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What if your guests would visit you for more activities than one round of mini-golf?

You’d offer your guests a more complete experience, because they combine mini-golf with another activity of their choice. This also means they spend more time at your venue, which makes them more likely to stay for food and drinks in between activities or afterwards. Such an experience leads to a better guest experience, motivating your guests to come back to you again and making you more revenue.

Benefits of selling packages with multiple activities for your mini-golf business

Multi-activity packages consist of a program with at least two activities. This could be a combination of one round of mini-golf and an hour of bowling and even a game of laser tag. Food, drinks and/or other available extras, such as coins for arcade games, can also be included.

Let’s take a closer look at why offering multi-activity deals is beneficial to you.

1. Increase your revenue

Once you sell packages with multiple activities in your webshop, you increase the chance your guests will book an experience with at least two activities. This means more revenue and a higher average order value than if they only booked one activity. 

Because your guests also spend more time at your venue, they are more likely to make additional purchases during their visit, such as food and drinks in between activities.

2. Your guests get a complete and personal experience

To experience a great day out with their loved ones, people nowadays like to plan more than just one activity. That’s why offering packages with multiple activities is a great way to meet your guests’ needs. If you know what they like, it makes it easier for you to create customized packages for every target group.

To make the experience even more personal, add upsell and cross-sell options in the booking process. This way, guests can book another activity, food and beverages or other extras. 

3. Introduce your guests to different activities

Different people have different tastes. The same goes for activities. While some guests prefer mini-golf, there will also be guests who would rather go bowling or go-karting. To satisfy all guests, it‘s perfect if these activities are combined. That way, they both can participate in the activity they prefer, but also get to experience another activity. 

4. Increase sales of activities that are less popular

By bundling multiple activities into one package, you give yourself a great opportunity to also boost activities that are less popular. How?

Simply by using your available data to see when people participate in which activity. If you combine a popular activity with a less popular one, you spread your guests among different activities and more facilities will be used. This way you increase your average order value and you maximize your capacity. 

5. Capacity planning is easier

By selling more packages with mini-golf and other activities, you can estimate how many guests are at your venue and for how long. With this information, you know in advance how busy a day will be, which makes planning your staff easier.

This is mainly due to the difference in starting times between single activity visitors and multi-activity visitors. While guests visiting you for one activity can come in at any time of the day, multi-activity visitors have one starting time for multiple activities. You’d otherwise need more bookings for the same occupancy and thus have to spend more time on check-ins. An additional benefit of this is that you reduce the chance of gaps in your schedule, because multi-activity visitors have an ongoing program. 

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6. Save time

When it comes to saving time, selling packages with multiple activities is a smart idea. This is because with multi-activity bookings, you have fewer check-ins and have higher occupancy rates with less bookings. More facilities are used by the same guests, instead of many different guests at different times.

And if you want to save even more time on manual and administrative work, Briq’s booking software is the solution. With Briq’s smart scheduler all your bookings are automatically scheduled and planned. This means you no longer have to receive bookings via phone and email and have more time to spend on the guest experience.  

How to create packages with multiple activities

Combining your activities into packages consists of 4 steps. First, you need to know what your guests like, to understand what activities you should offer per target group. Next, you’ll need to create the packages. Bundle your mini-golf experiences with other activities your guests enjoy participating in. 

After that, make sure you sell your multi-activity packages online so your guests can easily book your experiences. Finally, promote your activities to get more traffic to your website for more bookings.

Learn more about creating packages with multiple activities and how to make your mini-golf business more successful online.

Examples of packages with mini-golf and other activities

Triple Pass

In this package, Paradice Botany combined 1 round of mini-golf with 1 game of laser tag and an ice skating session. 

Mini-golf and other activities at Paradice Botany

Climbing and glow-golf

Coronel bundled 60 minutes of glow golf with 90 minutes of climbing into one activity package.

Climbing and glow golf at Coronel

Party XXL

This party package at Fit & Fun Plaza Wolvega consists of 15 holes of glow golf, 1 hour of bowling and one game of laser tag. 

Bowling, laser tag and mini-golf at Fit & Fun Plaza Wolvega

All your mini-golf packages bookable online in just a few clicks

Are you ready to get more out of your mini-golf business? With Briq’s booking software for mini-golf venues, you get your own webshop where guests can book your venue 24/7. The smooth online booking process enables them to book their desired day out in just a few clicks.

Learn why it’s important for your mini-golf business to be online bookable.

Moreover, bookings are automatically scheduled in your calendar, so you don’t have to process them manually. It also makes it easy to know exactly how many guests will be visiting you and how much staff you need on a day. 

Briq’s online booking system saves you a lot of time and money. Do you want to know how Briq can help you grow? Feel free to get in touch with us or create a free account.

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