Score with SEO 10: Improve low performing pages

Ebooks mei 29, 2024
Score-with-SEO-Improve-low-performing pages

Do you want to get started with SEO but you don’t know where to start? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads more and better traffic to your leisure venue’s website. 

Basic SEO is important for Google to consider your website as relevant. If I search for “bowling venue near me” in your area, you want to be the trending website. 

One of the ways you can improve the SEO on your website is by improving your low performing pages.

  1. Keywords
  2. Meta titles and descriptions
  3. Content
  4. Page loading time
  5. Images
  6. Linking
  7. Broken links
  8. Mobile friendly
  9. Clean URL’s
  10. Improve low performing pages

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Identify and improve low performing pages

An important part of SEO optimization is to keep monitoring your website. You can easily do this by using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

If a page doesn’t have much traffic, then you can try to optimize it by looking into the content, title or meta description. Or maybe it hasn’t been indexed well or it’s very slow.

Your page’s bounce rate

A good indicator of how good the content on your page is is its bounce rate.

The bounce rate of a page shows the percentage of people that leave your website after visiting that specific page. So a bounce rate of 60% on a page means that 60% of your visitors abandon your website after visiting that page, and 40% stay on your website and visit other pages. 

The lower the bounce rate, the better. Aim for a bounce percentage between 40 and 60% for your website. If your page’s bounce rate is higher than 70%, you should be able to improve it by at least 10 to 20% with great SEO efforts. Keep track of your average bounce rate and be aware of which pages need improvement. This helps you set goals to better your bounce rate and get better traffic.

What you can do to improve your bounce rate

Does a page have a high bounce rate or a very low average time on the page? Then your title and meta description may not align with the content on the page. If the visitor clicks on your page, but then realizes it isn’t the content he was looking for, he will leave. To avoid this, make sure your metadata explains exactly what the visitor finds on your page. Consider it an invitation and short summary of your page.

You want to look into the loading speed as well, since slow loading pages make guests abandon your site.

Your page’s click through rate

Another important factor to keep in mind in the click through rate (CTR) of your URL. If your pages rank well, many visitors will see your page in the search results. They’ll see your meta title and description. This is what we refer to as impressions. 

Of course, if no one actually clicks on your URL, you won’t get any traffic. The percentage of people that click on your URL is referred to as the CTR. You can see these numbers in Google Search Console.

If you want to see the CTR or the total impressions of a single page, you can paste the URL in the +New button. 

What you can do to improve the CTR

The best way to improve your CTR is by ranking higher and by having great metadata. If your URL ranks high in Google, more people click on it. Attractive metadata makes your viewers want to click on your page.

Find out what your low performing pages are and use this SEO guide to improve your pages.

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