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Integrations April 13, 2022
escape room software

As an escape room owner, using the right escape room software is one of the best ways to upgrade your experiences. Advanced room control features make your escape rooms more fun, interactive, customizable and easy to manage. Also, you’ll need escape room booking software to make your booking process just as great and get guests to book your venue. 

Tailor-made experiences, offline as well as online, are a big trend in the leisure industry. As an escape room venue, you can pretty easily respond to this trend with the right software. Learn more about important trends in the escape room industry.

Let’s dive into the escape room software features you need.

Escape room software for room control

Setting up a control room can be one of the hardest tasks for an escape room business. Most escape room control software companies therefore offer an all-in-one solution with all the features you need. This makes it easy for the game master, the one controlling the escape room, to manage the game. Here’s what you can do with escape room software.

1. Manage multiple escape rooms from one central point

You can manage every part of all escape rooms, such as the devices and applications, from your own mobile or computer. This makes it a lot easier for you to run multiple escape rooms at the same time.

2. Create custom scripts and timelines

You can create and edit your own script and timeline in an editor, in which you can set up your own sequences. You decide how each sequence is executed and when in-room props or other actions are triggered. You can usually choose between different languages as well.

3. Add a countdown timer

Escape room software displays a countdown timer in the escape room, so your guests know how much time they have left in the game. A ticking clock creates extra suspense and pressure to win the game on time. 

Some software lets you replace the traditional clock with new and more original representations, such as analog clocks or master-chef resembling timers.

4. Influence the atmosphere

The person who runs the game has access to a control panel. From here they can manage the escape room and customize many aspects, like the colors, backgrounds and sound effects. This will affect the guests’ behavior in the room and make the game experience even better. Use your imagination and surprise guests with sudden noises or a sudden background change.

5. Interact with players

While the game is running, you can send messages, images, alert tones or videos if your guests need an extra hint. You can even change certain game elements or add new ones. This feature allows you to customize the game while it’s running and therefore truly adapt it to the players inside.

The person running the game can make the game harder or easier, according to how the guests are playing.

6. Keep track of statistics

Escape room software monitors the players’ scores. Once the game is finished, the team receives an overview of their performance and how well they scored on the different challenges in the game.

Booking software to draw people in

Once your escape room is all set with the latest room control software, you need the most important element of a successful escape room: guests. The best way to get guests is by enabling online bookings. The customer journey is crucial to focus on here. Your availability should be visible at a glance and all your activities 24/7 bookable in one click.

Read about how Briq’s booking system helps Unit 13 save time and ensure a great experience from A to Z

With Briq’s escape room booking software your online experience will be as great as your offline experience. Briq automatically schedules all your bookings in a way that optimizes your capacity. Guests can easily book multiple activities, group activities and all your extras.

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