What happens when your leisure business starts using our online booking software?

Online booking November 24, 2021
What happens when your leisure business starts using our online booking software? - picture from Briq Bookings

Do you want to be able to receive bookings 24/7 and automate the entire booking process for your venue? Then you definitely want to get started with Briq’s online booking software to grow your business and improve your visitors’ experience. 

By using online booking software, you easily optimize your workflow around incoming bookings – from automating booking and scheduling, capacity management and time management, to knowing how much staff you need on any given day. 

Are you ready to reduce administrative tasks and invest more time in unique experiences for your guests?

Imagine what will happen when you start using online booking software… 

When using an online booking system, you will soon find out what the main benefits are for your business. So did R1 Indoor Karting. At some point their venue manager noticed it was impossible to arrange all their bookings by phone and decided to use Briq’s online booking software. Soon they received more bookings than ever.

This positive change at R1 can also become reality for your venue. 

Let’s pretend you’re wearing a VR headset and are at your own venue. We’ll walk you through the different steps when you start using our online booking system.

1. We help you set up your booking software and webshop

Meet our customer succes managers, who will help you setting up the online booking software - Briq Bookings

Hey! That’s Nicolien, one of our Customer Success Managers. She helps you set up the software and builds your entire webshop. You only have to deliver the right information and photos and then agree that the webshop functions according to your preferences. After that, you’re ready to receive your first online bookings. 

Briq integrates the software with the tools you currently use. As soon as you are up and running, we’ll dive into the Briq dashboard together with you and you’ll automatically enter our E-commerce Academy. Here your own Customer Success Manager helps you improve your online marketing skills, website and webshop to reach more people and get the most out of your bookings.

2. Improve your guest experience with multi-activity deals 

Look around and get creative. Does your Family Entertainment Center offer multiple activities? Then this part of our software might be the missing key to your business’ growth. 

With Briq’s unique multi-activity scheduling software, your guests select multiple activities of their choice in one booking. So look around and see that more people are spending more time and money at your venue than before. 

During the setup of your booking scheduler, we enable you to configure capacities, business rules and the ideal break time in between two activities. On top of that, guests can book your venue 24/7.

Discover how you can maximize your capacity planning with these practical tips.

3. Use the right cross-sell and upsell options in the booking flow

Now that you’ve created different deals, take a minute to add the right cross-sell and upsell options to each deal. 

On average around 30% of all bookings include an upsell, which leads to an increase of 39% of the average order value

To select the right upsell suggestions and create the best booking experience possible, regularly ask yourself what your guests’ interests are. 

Know your customers. You might want to offer an extra heat of go-karting and unlimited drinks for a bachelor party, but that’s not what you want to offer guests that book a children’s party. Here, you would include things kids love, such as fries or soda and other fun activities like an extra hour of disco bowling.

Make sure your upsell has a picture and clear description to manage expectations. You’re now ready to offer your visitors an even more unique and complete experience with just one booking.

Use the right cross-sell and upsell options in the online booking flow - Briq Bookings

4. No longer miss out on bookings with our 24/7 online booking software

A few days later, you walk into your office. Curious as you are, you first check if any bookings were made. Oh yes, there they are! 

The best part is that the bookings are automated and don’t cost you any time. The guests even already received a confirmation email.

Being bookable online 24/7 is perhaps one of the biggest wins for your leisure business. When using our booking software, your guests book your deals – for any group size  – whenever they want. Even outside opening hours, which means you won’t miss their reservation calls. 

5. Decrease your administrative tasks and increase employee productivity

Look around and you’ll see your employees talking to your guests. They only have to focus on the best guest experience at your venue which will most certainly lead to recurring visitors.

Now that you’ve streamlined your operations and improved your workflows, you will notice your employees aren’t picking up the phone all the time and bookings are automatically added to your calendar

This saves you a lot of time and money. 

6. No-shows will belong to the past with Briq’s online booking software

Hmm, didn’t we have a few guests scheduled to start their first karting heat right now? 

It can be very frustrating when guests don’t show up at the reserved time slot. By making the entire booking process easy and personal and by asking your guests to pay in advance, you will reduce the number of no-shows.

From now on it’s very unlikely that any of your activities will go unused!

7. Use the available data and become more successful online

Your online booking system has been live for a while now. To get more online bookings, it’s a good idea to dive into the data about  your bookings. 

Simply go to your Data insights in Briq.app and you’ll see an overview of how many deals were sold, the total transaction value, the average order value and how many extras were sold.  

In addition to the sales insights, you find out what drives your revenue through the marketing insights. Check out the conversion rate of your webshop, the most sold deals and upsells, whether your visitors visit your webshop on mobile or desktop and when exactly during the week your visitors book a deal. 

With these insights, you might want to improve your website and webshop. Maybe a deal needs a different name or a sharper price, you could test a better picture or you can adjust something in the upsells you offer?

If you want to learn more about using data, read our free ebook on how to become data-driven to drive more bookings for your leisure business.

Learn more about how to get started with online advertising.

Get started with Briq

Take off your VR headset, you’re back in reality. Now you know what to expect, we can imagine you’d like to know how to get started. 

For more information create a free account and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions and run you through a custom demo.

Check out how you can combine online reservations with walk-in guests.

Not yet convinced to start using online booking software?

Think about what you need to grow your business. What challenges do you face? What do your employees think? How are you going to solve your problems? 

Perhaps this list sounds familiar. If so, booking software is probably the answer to your problems.

  • You feel like you’re missing out on bookings because guests can’t book 24/7
  • Your employees can’t focus on your guests because they’re busy with bookings
  • You spend a lot of time manually adding, adjusting and canceling reservations
  • You don’t know who visits your venue, so you don’t have data for (re)targeting
  • You wonder how to increase your average order value

If you recognize any of this, we advise you to explore the possibilities of using an online booking system. Briq is happy to help you!

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