How to turn your guests into advocates

Integrations August 11, 2022

To promote your venue, get new guests and stimulate retention, a well-optimized customer journey is essential. This is because every step – from finding your venue online to a post-visit message – has a big impact on the total guest experience.

So if the booking flow isn’t frictionless, you might receive less bookings. And if the on-site check-in process doesn’t go smoothly, these guests might not return to you. This means it’s important to take a closer look at your own customer journey and see where you can improve.

The customer journey exists of 5 phases

  1. Attract guests
  2. Booking the experience
  3. Upfront guest experience
  4. On-site experience
  5. Turn your guests into advocates

To help you create the best experience for your guests, we’ll dive deeper into the 5 phases of the customer journey. We’ll explain about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. In the past weeks, we discussed phase 1: attracting guests, phase 2: booking the experience, phase 3: upfront guest experience and phase 4: the on-site experience.

Today, we take you through the fifth and last phase: turn your guests into advocates. 

This phase consists of the evaluation and retention process. It’s about creating fans and ambassadors, who will eventually book an activity at your venue again. ​​The circle of the journey will then start again at the beginning.

So how do you turn your guests into advocates? 

1. Create ambassadors 

To create ambassadors, you can use customer loyalty and referral marketing tools. With referrals, you can empower your best guests to refer like-minded people to your brand, effectively growing your community. After all, the best advertising is word of mouth, so paying more attention to contact and interaction with your guests can be of great value.

Besides this, your guests can help you build a good online reputation. Collect reviews and improve the experience and services by understanding your guests’ feedback. Public review sites play an increasingly important role in potential guests’ decisions whether or not to book your experience.

2. Returning guests

Returning guests are valuable for your leisure business. By improving the guest experience, creating ambassadors and actively focusing on retention, you increase the chance of returning guests. Marketing automation tools and online advertising help you with this by setting up automated and targeted communication.

Send an email to boost retention

To stimulate your guests to return to your venue, you want to give them an incentive. This can be a voucher code you send in a retention email. 

Let’s say you create a discount voucher in Voucherify. This code grants a 10% discount for the next visit and is embedded in a retention mailing template in Mailchimp. When a booking is fulfilled, the guest’s information is placed in an audience in Mailchimp. 90 days later, an email is sent containing the voucher code. That code can be redeemed online during the next purchase.  

Use Mailchimp and Voucherify to create and share discount vouchers with your guests

Webinar: how to build the right tech stack for your venue

Last April, our Head of Product Thijs and Product Owner Jasper hosted a webinar in which they explained everything about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. They looked at the customer journey and step by step explained why every step is important and how integrations can create additional value.

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