3 integration tips to ensure your website visitors make a booking

Integrations July 01, 2022
Booking the experience

To promote your venue, get new guests and stimulate retention, a well-optimized customer journey is essential. This is because every step – from finding your venue online to a post-visit message – has a big impact on the total guest experience.

So if the booking flow isn’t frictionless, you might receive less bookings. And if the on-site check-in process doesn’t go smoothly, these guests might not return to you. This means it’s important to take a closer look at your own customer journey and see where you can improve.

The customer journey exists of 5 phases

  1. Attract guests
  2. Booking the experience
  3. Upfront guest experience
  4. On-site experience
  5. Turn your guests into advocates

To help you create the best experience for your guests, we’ll dive deeper into the 5 phases of the customer journey. We’ll explain about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. Last week, we discussed phase 1: attracting guests.

Today, we take you through phase 2: booking the experience. 

In this phase, the actual booking process begins. You’ve grabbed the attention of your visitors and they are interested in a purchase.

So how do you make sure they are going to make a booking? 

These 3 tips help you create the perfect online booking experience.

1. Safe and secure bookings and payments

Guests want to feel that making a booking or payment is trusted and secure at all times. If they doubt this, they are more likely to drop out. And you miss out on bookings. 

There’s a lot involved in making a payment. That’s why choosing the right payment service provider can be essential. For guests, the payment experience must be frictionless and their payment method of choice should be included. But also for yourself, it’s important to have automatic fraud protection, which is offered by most payment service providers.

In June 2022, Briq released its own payment feature: Briq Pay. With Briq Pay (available in SEPA countries) you offer your guests an easy, fast and safe checkout experience, which is powered by Stripe.

2. Make purchasing attractive

To convince your website visitors to make a booking, you should make it as easy and attractive as possible for them. For example, accept gift cards and use discount coupons. 

Gift cards

When using gift cards, you not only give your guests the opportunity to give their friends a nice gift, you also make the check-out process low key when they can pay the booking with a gift card. 

If someone buys a gift card for your venue, you want that gift card to be redeemable online too. This is possible with a tool like GiftUp!. Gift cards can be created and managed in their system. Your webshop accepts these as payments, improving the booking experience for your guests.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons can also make it attractive for guests to make a booking at your venue (again). Give a small discount when they make a booking for off-peak hours or when they make another booking within two months after their last visit. Using digital discount vouchers can be fully integrated in automated mailings and can be redeemed during the booking process. 

3. Promise your guests guaranteed seats

If your guests don’t have a guaranteed seat, this creates uncertainty and often a lot of hassle with the actual booking on location. Make sure the guest knows you are expecting them and that a seat has been reserved.

Guaranteed seats are about providing real-time inventory. By setting up an integration with your already existing venue management system, Briq can sell real-time inventory online and place a booking immediately after purchase. This eliminates the need for manual work in both systems and avoids double bookings. 

In addition, you can continue to use all the operational conveniences of the venue management system while using Briq to boost your online sales. 

Venue management and timing system Clubspeed

An example of a venue management and timing system that has live availability information, is Briq’s partner Clubspeed. With the integration with Briq, your webshop imports the data from Clubspeed and offers the correct number of available seats online. This way you can’t have double bookings and you can still do your daily business in a familiar system.

Webinar: how to build the right tech stack for your venue

Last April, our Head of Product Thijs and Product Owner Jasper hosted a webinar in which they explained everything about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. They looked at the customer journey and step by step explained why every step is important and how integrations can create additional value.

Streamline your operations with Briq

Briq’s online booking system makes it possible for you to easily sell your activities in your own webshop and still do your day-to-day business in your familiar system. It helps you streamline processes and workflows and saves you a lot of time on manual work. Check out the integration marketplace to see which integrations are available.

The booking process is easy and convenient for your guests and includes possibilities for selling upsell and cross-sell options to get even more out of your business. The booking system also makes it easy for you to sell multiple activities in one booking for a more personal day out.

Are you and your team ready to get a fully automated booking system that doesn’t need manual work for planning bookings? Feel free to create a free account or get in touch with us.

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