How to get guests to your venue through your website

Integrations June 24, 2022
Attract guests

To promote your venue, get new guests and stimulate retention, a well-optimized customer journey is essential. This is because every step – from finding your venue online to a post-visit message – has a big impact on the total guest experience.

So if the booking flow isn’t frictionless, you might receive less bookings. And if the on-site check-in process doesn’t go smoothly, these guests might not return to you. This means it’s important to take a closer look at your own customer journey and see where you can improve.

The customer journey exists of 5 phases

  1. Attract guests
  2. Booking the experience
  3. Upfront guest experience
  4. On-site experience
  5. Turn your guests into advocates

To help you create the best experience for your guests, we’ll dive deeper into the 5 phases of the customer journey in the coming weeks. We’ll explain about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC.

Today, we take you through phase 1: attracting new guests. 

In this phase, you want people to find your website and convince them to make a booking in your webshop. It’s important that you are bookable online and that you have a mobile-friendly website that loads fast. It should be clear how guests can book your deals. 

These 3 tips help you to be found on the internet and to increase the conversion rate.

1. Optimize your website and be visible

If potential guests are searching for the activities you offer, you want to rank high in the search engine they use. It means that you want search engines to consider your website as high content and you achieve that by optimizing the SEO of your website

For example, look at what people are searching for in your industry, so you can speak the same language as them. Create landing pages and blogs for that keyword, and you’ll get a higher position if people search for that word. Make sure to add metadata at each page.

Besides this, it’s key to be active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This way you show potential guests what you have to offer and how much fun it is to visit you. 

You can also use additional sales, like Tripadvisor or Groupon, or work with affiliates. These are partners who can promote your products and services in exchange for an affiliate commission. They can provide a huge boost to your visibility. 

Briq’s service Briq Boost helps you generate more visibility and bookings from people who otherwise probably wouldn’t have found you. We add your activities to our listing pages and take care of the marketing, you only pay per booking made.

2. Address your messaging to the right target group

Targeting and retargeting is about communicating your message in a targeted way to the right audience. You can do this by setting up marketing automation flows for different target groups. For instance, automatically send a message to visitors who have abandoned the shopping cart in an attempt to still complete the booking. 

Also think about setting up campaigns, for example with Google Ads or Instagram Ads. This allows you to focus on the messaging to specific target groups. 

3. Gather the right insights to learn and improve where needed

By collecting qualitative and quantitative data, you may gain insights to improve your customer journey or the activities you’re offering. 

With Google Analytics, you’re able to collect detailed data from the booking process, which can give you more insight into possible areas of improvement in the process. For example, look at the conversion rate between your website and webshop. What happens when you make small adjustments? These are things you can test.

At Briq we combine your booking data from with the webshop data, that is located in Google Analytics. All available data will be shown in your, so you have a clear overview of actual booking data, like the most popular deals and webshop conversion rate, in one place. This data gives you and your team insights into their efforts and focus areas.

Example case: Mailchimp and the Kartfabrique

Multi-activity venue the Kartfabrique faced the challenge of differentiating between go-karting and ice skating when targeting guests. A mailing list of more than 10.000 email addresses is too much to target as one group. 

The solution was to implement logic that automated this process in combination with Mailchimp. Every online booking with a ticked newsletter was added to their audience. Then, based on the deal that was booked, the guest was given an activity tag within Mailchimp. These tags can be used to more specifically target guests interested in go-karting or ice skating.

Because this is automated, there’s no manual work needed and the marketers can spend their time on other tasks.

With Mailchimp, you can specifically target guests interested in different activities.

Webinar: how to build the right tech stack for your venue

Last April, our Head of Product Thijs and Product Owner Jasper hosted a webinar in which they explained everything about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. They looked at the customer journey and step by step explained why every step is important and how integrations can create additional value.

Grow your leisure center together with Briq

With Briq’s online booking system, you sell your activities online in your own webshop. This way your guests can book your activities on any device, wherever they are, 24/7

The intuitive booking flow makes it easy for you to sell multiple activities in one booking and to offer upsell and cross-sell options. This increases your average order value. Briq’s smart scheduler automatically plans and schedules your bookings, that you’ll have in one overview. It gives you and your staff time to focus on your activities, a great guest experience and the growth of your business. 

Briq helps you smoothen your daily operations and other workflows. You and your team get a fully automated booking system that doesn’t need manual work for planning bookings. And Briq integrates with your operational tools.

Visit the integration marketplace to see which integrations are available. If you would like to learn more about getting started with Briq, create a free account.

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