Smoothen your check-in process for the best guest experience

Integrations July 28, 2022
On-site experience

To promote your venue, get new guests and stimulate retention, a well-optimized customer journey is essential. This is because every step – from finding your venue online to a post-visit message – has a big impact on the total guest experience.

So if the booking flow isn’t frictionless, you might receive less bookings. And if the on-site check-in process doesn’t go smoothly, these guests might not return to you. This means it’s important to take a closer look at your own customer journey and see where you can improve.

The customer journey exists of 5 phases

  1. Attract guests
  2. Booking the experience
  3. Upfront guest experience
  4. On-site experience
  5. Turn your guests into advocates

To help you create the best experience for your guests, we’ll dive deeper into the 5 phases of the customer journey. We’ll explain about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. In the past weeks, we discussed phase 1: attracting guests, phase 2: booking the experience and phase 3: upfront guest experience.

Today, we take you through phase 4: the on-site experience. 

This phase is about the real experience at your venue. This includes everything from checking in on location to carrying out the activities and using the food and beverage facilities between or after the activities. 

How do you make this experience as seamless and your operations as smooth as possible? Let’s look into that with these 2 tips.

1. Take care of a fast and easy check-in

As soon as your guests arrive at your venue, you want to provide them with a frictionless guest experience. For the check-in you can think of different solutions, like cashless check-ins or self service check-in with a QR code or through an integration with 501 Entertainment.

Self service check-in: 501 Entertainment

501 Entertainment offers activities such as electronic shuffle boards and darts. The integration gives visitors the ability to load and start games themselves. 

They make and pay a booking online and receive a confirmation email with the booking number. On-site they can enter that number and start their activity. A seamless guest experience from online booking to the actual activity at your venue.

2. Smoothen your operations for a carefree visit

In many ways, the smoothness of your operations is related to a seamless guest experience. The smoother you can run your day-to-day operations, the more carefree and easier the guest’s visit will be.

Automated check-in to different activities

Think of automated check-in of guests to the different activities. This means, for example, that all the names of the participants are available in the tools you use to manage the activities. From Briq, you can synchronize all the names to your systems with one push of a button, so the participants are checked in for all activities that will follow and your staff is aware of that.

Choose the right POS

The right POS helps you run your business the way you want it to. There’s often a lot of difference in the quality and features of a point of sales. It’s not just about adding products to a bill.

Does the POS allow you to serve guests at the table with a mobile device? Can guests place orders themself? Or do you want more insight into the performance of your staff? Think of your needs, explore the possibilities and choose a POS that suits you.

Example case: Lightspeed and HappyDays

For financial grip it’s important to have correctly registered revenue. By combining a booking tool with a Point of Sale system bookings can be converted into measurable revenue with on site purchases. This is exactly how HappyDays uses Briq in combination with Lightspeed.

Webinar: how to build the right tech stack for your venue

Last April, our Head of Product Thijs and Product Owner Jasper hosted a webinar in which they explained everything about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. They looked at the customer journey and step by step explained why every step is important and how integrations can create additional value.

Create unforgettable experiences with Briq

Briq’s online booking system helps you create a fantastic experience for your guests – from the online booking to the check-in at your venue. 

You have your own webshop, in which you can offer all the deals you’d like to sell online, also multi-activity deals and for group bookings. With Briq Pay, you offer your guests a frictionless checkout experience and they pay online with their favorite payment method.

Do you want to learn more about Briq? Check out what Briq can do for you and create a free account.

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