How to provide your guests with the best upfront experience

Integrations July 07, 2022
Upfront guest experience

To promote your venue, get new guests and stimulate retention, a well-optimized customer journey is essential. This is because every step – from finding your venue online to a post-visit message – has a big impact on the total guest experience.

So if the booking flow isn’t frictionless, you might receive less bookings. And if the on-site check-in process doesn’t go smoothly, these guests might not return to you. This means it’s important to take a closer look at your own customer journey and see where you can improve.

The customer journey exists of 5 phases

  1. Attract guests
  2. Booking the experience
  3. Upfront guest experience
  4. On-site experience
  5. Turn your guests into advocates

To help you create the best experience for your guests, we’ll dive deeper into the 5 phases of the customer journey. We’ll explain about selecting the right tools and building the best suited technology stack for your FEC. In the past weeks, we discussed phase 1: attracting guests and phase 2: booking the experience.

Today, we take you through phase 3: the upfront guest experience. 

This phase is about the period between booking and the actual on-site experience. This time can be different for each booking – from a few hours to several weeks. Phase 3 involves various contact moments with your guests.

These 3 tips help you create the best upfront guest experience.

1. Ask for the last details to complete the booking

During the booking process, you don’t want to distract the guest too much with operational questions, which can have a negative impact on the conversion. It’s in this phase of the journey that you can complete the booking by asking for the last details. 

Think of the names of the go-kart riders, filling in waivers and the details of the birthday kid. You can set up automated mailings that ask the guests to provide the latest details. This way, you don’t have to do this on arrival and your guests can enjoy a carefree experience when they visit you.

Sign waivers with Smartwaiver

For activities like go-karting, you want your visitors to sign a waiver after the booking is made. Smartwaiver is a tool providing waivers to your guests via the confirmation email. So after the booking is made, the waivers are sent and signed. On the day of the activity the check-in will be frictionless and takes less time.

2. Answer questions

It could be that someone still has questions or might want to change the booking. Providing support for this is essential for the guest experience. 

It’s important to keep an overview of all questions that come in through the various channels and to have the necessary information available, so that you can help the guest quickly and correctly. An integration with a customer support tool can help you with this.

Use Zendesk for your customer support

Zendesk is a tool for customer support. If a guest has a question about a booking, you want to handle that question via a support portal. All you have to do is ask for their booking number and enter this into a custom field in Zendesk. All the booking information from Briq is displayed in Zendesk, so you don’t need to change screens or software for quick and seamless support. 

3. Get the guest excited about the upcoming visit

Your guests are looking forward to the moment they can finally experience your activities. To get them even more excited about their visit, you can send them a text message upfront. 

You can do this by setting up automated messaging via email, text message, or WhatsApp. Think of a reminder or maybe even a game to get in the mood.

Webinar: how to build the right tech stack for your venue

Last April, our Head of Product Thijs and Product Owner Jasper hosted a webinar in which they explained everything about selecting the right tools and building the best-suited technology stack for your FEC. They looked at the customer journey and step by step explained why every step is important and how integrations can create additional value.

Smoothen your customer journey with Briq

At Briq we know how important a frictionless booking experience is. A great experience at your venue starts online. With Briq’s online booking system, you sell your activities in your own webshop and have all the booking information in one place. 

This way you know when guests will visit you and you can send them automated messages to remind them of your visit or ask to pay for their booking. There are many integrations available, to make it as easy as possible for you to run your business.

Do you want to offer your guests the best upfront experience? Check out what Briq can do for you and create a free account.

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