How do you create the ultimate laser game experience at your laser tag business?

Customized experiences mei 20, 2024
Laser gaming at the Kartfabrique

What composes an unforgettable laser tag experience? It all starts with the perfect preparation – choosing a theme and designing your arena, selecting the right equipment and preparing the briefing. 

But that’s just the beginning. You want your guests to go home with a truly memorable experience. That’s why you need to go the extra mile by creating a mission, in which your guests escape from reality and immerse themselves in an exciting new world. They aren’t themselves for a while, but play a role and do everything to complete the mission. 

Adding interactive features, and perhaps even combining laser tag with other games to amaze your guests, complete this ultimate experience. 

So where should you start? Consider what your laser tag arena can add to your destination’s leisure market. This also includes knowing your audience. This information and the following tips help you create the perfect laser tag arena. 

1. Design your unique laser tag arena

Nowadays laser tag is more than just shooting in a dark space with neon lights. An eye-catching arena is one of the success factors for a laser tag business. There are plenty of experiences and gaming ideas to get to the ultimate laser tag experience.

For example, Unit 13 focuses on telling a story and taking people on a great adventure. From the atmosphere and the props to the music and quality controls on the laser guns, everything comes together. As a guest, you’re part of the Rebel Oppressions Group or Strike Force Alliance and you fight for victory. Guests are fully immersed on a mission that’s as real as it gets. 

Laser tag business Unit 13
Laser tag at Unit 13

A great story surprises your guests. It should feel so realistic they get lost in their imaginary world. Walls are not just walls, it’s also about what’s on them. Every detail of the arena should fit your story and contribute to the user experience. 

The wow-effect you want to achieve also includes the decoration of the rest of your FEC. It’s the first impression your guests get when entering your leisure center. So already grab your guests’ attention during check-in and get them excited about the experience to come.

2. Add interactive features 

Distinguish your laser tag business with excitement-enhancing interactive features to enchant your guests. These could be things like a dragon with smoke coming out of his mouth whenever you get close, emergency lights to signal that the end is near and sounds that trigger players to leave a hiding spot as soon as possible. Or what about a whispering voice way too closeby?

But these props aren’t all you can use. Digitize your interactive experience with game stations with custom options. Engage players with questions they have to answer during the game before they’re allowed to continue. Or perhaps they can get extra lives or special forces when they find and hit a button in a specific place at a specified time. 

3. Get the right equipment

The laser tag equipment, like guns and vests, can make or break the experience. You need reliable equipment that never lets your players down and preferably include extra options for exciting advanced play. Because when things don’t go as expected, your guests can get frustrated and won’t come back to you.

Pick equipment that can take a beating – it will be smashed against the wall, dropped on the floor or sweated on – to avoid that it’s constantly out of order. The look and feel is also important. The gear should be appealing and impressive to your players. They want to pretend they’re a futuristic warrior, so if it looks cheap or like a toy… They’ll be disappointed. 

Also, make sure your equipment is easy to use. It should be suitable for all segments of  your target audience, so easy to carry, handle and understand. 

Besides fun, a laser tag experience is also competitive. That’s why software to control the games is a must. Not only does it keep track of the scores, it also includes settings like counting lives, automatically starting the music when entering the arena and how long the game lasts. 

An upgrade of equipment, such as a gun with a red dot sight for better targeting on opponents, or something extra, like camouflage clothing or extra shots, are perfect upsell options to make the guest experience even better. 

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4. Prepare the briefing for your guests 

Is everything you need in place? Then take some time to prepare a briefing that gives the players the feeling they’re really part of a thrilling mission. 

To achieve this, your staff should feel like they’re actors. Train them on how to tell the story in a short, clear and enthusiastic way, so your guests know what to do and can’t wait to start.

Include the (safety) rules in the briefing to ensure a smooth experience.

New development: VR laser tag

Since technology is starting to play a bigger role in the leisure industry and the next generations want a fresh, unique experience, it’s time for a new development: VR in the laser tag scene. 

Because of the VR headset, your guests are more than ever part of the game. This innovation brings the laser tag experience to a higher level and supplies your guests with entertainment that fits the latest trends. 

The biggest advantage of combining VR with laser tag is that you don’t need a large space or don’t have to redesign your arena for every game. Different games can be played in the same space, but are a whole different experience. Merging the virtual and the real world.

VR Laser Tag
VR laser tag

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