Which popular leisure activities get you more profit with your FEC?

Leisure industry January 31, 2022

Suppose you want to expand your leisure business, what popular activities should you add to your Family Entertainment Center (FEC) to become successful? 

Briq has the chance to work with leisure businesses all over the world that all offer a very diverse range of activities. To help you decide which activities you could add to your Family Entertainment Center, here is some interesting data about the value of the activities our clients offer.

Top 5 activities with the highest average value per venue 

  1. Mini-golf
  2. Escape Rooms
  3. Go-karting
  4. Arcade
  5. Bowling

Activities with the highest value per minute

  • Jet skiing and go-karting with an average of around €5 ($6) per minute
  • The bar with an average of around €6 ($7) per minute
  • Mini-golf with an average of around €4 ($5) per minute

Activities with the highest spend per person

  • Jet skiing and off road motorsports with an average of around €70 ($78) per person
  • Outdoor activities with an average of around €46 ($51) per person
  • Shooting with an average of around €36 ($40) per person

Activities with the highest value for groups

  • For groups of 4+: escape room, mini-golf and bowling
  • For groups of 10+: escape room, mini-golf and the bar

Note: This data is based on our +200 clients with varying activities 

A passion for your activities

Of course, choosing high value activities is not everything. To make your leisure business successful and get many bookings, you need to be passionate about what you offer. 

So get inspired by these 8 popular leisure activities. You’ll read what you need to get started and how you can make the most revenue out of each one of them. Our pro tip at the end? Upsell F&B with all your activity packages.

But before we dive into that tip and 8 popular leisure activities, make sure to get the basics right.

When you start a new activity or venue, always make sure…

  • That your location is accessible and has enough parking space
  • That you’ve taken into account the weather conditions in your area (for outdoor activities)
  • That you create an attractive website and webshop in which you can combine all activities as well as upsells and cross-sells

The activities below are listed from highest average value to lowest average value based on our data.

For costs per activity, we advise you to study the prices in your area, since costs per m2 heavily vary per location (city, country, continent).

1. Mini-golf: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with mini-golf?

To start with mini-golf, keep the following in mind:

  • Determine the size of the course and the number of holes
  • Get the equipment, such as balls, golf clubs and music
  • Make sure to be open many hours, for example from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Add night lights

Read more about starting a mini-golf business.

How do you make revenue?

Guests like to visit in the afternoon and during the weekends, so long opening hours are crucial. Make sure to offer foods and drinks as upsells to make extra money. Also, if you have a venue with multiple activities, try bundling mini-golf with other activities into one package.

Try a mini-golf membership to improve customer loyalty and get more returning customers. Bundling discounts and unlimited play are great ways to make memberships attractive. 

Seasonal promotions also help get more guests to your venue. Another way to increase your revenue is by offering golf courses. 

Read why being online bookable for your mini-golf business is important and how your business can grow online.

2. Escape rooms

What do you need to get started with escape rooms?

If you want to get started with escape rooms at your venue, make sure to:

How do you make revenue?

As an escape room business, you make money by charging a participation fee. You can get the maximum revenue by opening more than one room with multiple games. The more interactive your escape room is, the more fun it will be for your guests and the more likely it is that they will recommend your venue to their friends and family. 

The level of difficulty should be high enough to be challenging, but low enough for all participants to (be able to) succeed in escaping. If you choose to open multiple rooms, you can test which level of difficulty works best for your guests. Use post-game surveys to gather your guests’ opinion about the game to keep improving it.

Focus on getting larger groups to your venue too, for example for events or parties. These guests will usually stay for longer at your venue and are highly likely to try other activities, such as arcade games, as well. Or they’ll visit your restaurant or bar.

Learn what software you need to run an escape room.

3. Go-karting: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with go-karting? 

The initial investment for a go-kart track depends on many factors, such as the length of your track.

You’ll need to:

  • Design and install your track
  • Get go-kart waiver forms
  • Obtain licenses, permits and insurance
  • Get a warehouse, go-karts, gasoline, maintenance tools and safety equipment
  • Train your employees to ensure the safety of the track

Read more about how to start a go-kart business.

How do you make revenue?

As a go-kart track, you make money from individual rides and memberships. To maximize your profit, you can sell package deals and focus on returning guests. You may also charge extra for safety equipment. Further increase your revenue with smart upsells and cross-sells such as foods and drinks.

Families are a great customer type to focus on since they come as a group. Once you’re a more established venue, you could also enter the high-speed racing market niche. This will attract returning customers with competitive memberships.

Read what go-kart software you need to successfully run your track and how to create awesome go-kart deals for all your guests.

4. Arcade games: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with arcade games?

Arcades are popular, because guests enjoy the in-person social gaming experience. Depending on your preferences, you don’t need a large space for an arcade. 

If you want to add an arcade to your venue, make sure to…

  • Decide how many games you want and how big your space will be
  • Get the most popular arcade games for your guests. Redemption and crane games are considered great money makers in the industry, as well as pinball machines.
  • Have a good sound system for music

Read more about how to start an arcade.

How do you make revenue?

Traditionally, you’d make revenue by having your guests insert quarters or special coins into the machines. Guests often don’t carry cash around anymore, which is why it can be easier to have your guests buy coins beforehand. Another popular revenue model is charging an upfront fee for a certain amount of game time. 

Usually, arcade businesses charge more for newer games and less for older games. You can increase your revenue by offering discounts for free play after a certain amount of game time. Another clever way of making more money is by adding food and drinks, or by having happy hours.

5. Bowling: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with bowling?

Take into account the following when starting your bowling alley:

  • Decide on how many lanes you need, based on your location and community
  • Get your equipment, such as bowling balls, pins, shoes and ball-return machines
  • Set up a sound system
  • Include a kitchen and bar set-up

Get more information about how to start a bowling alley.

How do you make revenue?

As a bowling alley, you make money from the rental fees on shoes, balls, and lanes. Bowling venues usually charge per person per game, but some venues charge a fee per hour. You can make extra revenue by offering food, drinks and create great bowling deals for special events.

To ensure your bowling business is successful, location and target audience are everything. Your bowling alley should be easily accessible to your visitors. 

The most successful bowling businesses are located in areas where the household income is above average. The size of your bowling alley should be proportional in size to the community. For example, for a population of 10,000 in a five mile radius you would need approximately 5 lanes.

Offering special theme nights, discounts for the less busy hours or packages that include bowling and other activities also helps increase your revenue.

Read what software you need to successfully run your bowling business and how online marketing can help your bowling center grow.

6. Laser tag: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with laser tag?

Here are some important steps to take when starting a laser tag arena:

  • Get your equipment, such as guns, vests, scoring software, and obstacles
  • Design your laser tag arena
  • Plan space for the briefing area, vesting room and maintenance area
  • Consider interactive elements such as lights, sound, and voice to target players to shoot

Learn more about how to start a laser tag business.

How do you make revenue?

Laser tag businesses charge a fee per game. To increase your overall profit, you can host competitions or large group events. Focus your efforts on for example schools, corporate events and sports organizations. 

It’s important to be visible in your community. Social media, email marketing and an attractive website and webshop are great ways to make your venue known and get more guests. Check out these 5 online marketing tips to increase the traffic to your website.

A food court or deals with other activities also help to make more money. You can also consider partnering up with a local restaurant. 

Read more about how to create the ultimate laser tag experience at your laser tag business and learn what laser game software you need.

7. Axe Throwing: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with axe throwing?

If you love an active activity that doesn’t require a huge investment, then axe throwing might be for you. You”ll need to: 

  • Get equipment and axes
  • Choose how many axe throwing lanes and targets you want, depending the space you have available
  • Decide whether you want classic round targets or switch it up with variations and themes
  • Think about how to make your axe throwing business stand out, since it’s a simple activity in itself

Discover more about starting an axe throwing business.

How do you make revenue?

The concept is quite simple, guests try to throw the axe in the target, as close to the bullseye as possible. With axe throwing, you charge your guests for their play time.

The challenge with axe throwing is making your business stand out from competitors. Since axe throwing doesn’t require a big investment and it’s easy to duplicate, you need to find other ways to make your venue unique. For example, experiment with LED lighting or a disco theme. 

You also want to emphasize the social aspect of axe throwing. Make sure to have a bar with drinks nearby, so guests can gather and have drinks while axe throwing. Parties and other events are great opportunities for your axe throwing business, so make sure to offer special deals for groups. 

Axe throwing also appeals to families, especially to dads with their sons. Combine it with other activities, such as an arcade, for the little ones to enjoy.

8. Virtual reality gaming: what do you need and what do you get?

What do you need to get started with virtual reality games?

VR has a tremendous business potential that is expected to skyrocket in the next few years. However, starting with VR can be quite an investment, depending on the type of VR you go for.

You’ll need:

  • The VR hardware – headsets, haptics, sensory input (like scent, wind, and heat) generators
  • A fast PC

Read more about starting a VR business.

How do you make revenue?

You can charge your guests for their game time, or per game. You can offer discounts for bundles or longer game time to create extra revenue.

The key with VR is to create brand awareness. For many guests virtual reality is still relatively unknown, new and exciting. If you want more guests to book VR, you’ll need to be smart with marketing. 

Make sure guests have a good idea of what the VR experience looks like and why it is so much fun. A good website and beautiful pictures and video’s help. If you offer other activities too, make guests aware of what VR is while they do those other activities. Get to know your customers and see how you can make VR fun and attractive to them.

Briq tip for extra revenue – upsell food & beverages

Regardless of the type of activity your venue has, offering food and drinks is always a great idea. 

Not only is it an easy way to upsell and increase your average order value, you’ll also improve your guest experience. Guests love to be able to spend some extra time during or after their activity to socialise and make their experience at your venue complete.

How Briq can help you make more revenue

Briq can help you upsell food and drinks with our multi-activity booking system. Not only can your guests book food and drinks as upsells, they can also book other popular leisure activities at your venue. All in one booking, in just a few clicks.

Our scheduler creates the optimal activity program for both the guest and you and automatically adds the booking to your planning. Use these tips to increase your occupancy and get more revenue.

Register your free account today.

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